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Click on the buy now button. A new window will open to: https://www.coinmama.com

Follow the instructions below to pay for your Membership using your credit card or bank transfer.

Step 1:

Click Buy Now. Example: Enter $1997 then click Buy BTC

Instruction Video: This is how to use Coinmama click here
Detailed Instructions: Click here

Step 2: Then signup or log into your coinmama account
Step 3: Next verify your account which takes just minutes
Step 4: Click the "Buy/Sell" tab. Then enter the Amount of $1997 USD. Then click buy bitcoin to complete the purchase. (now the bitcoin is in your account)
Step 5:

Next it will say "Enter your bitcion wallet address" enter this code:


For Amount Enter: $1997 USD. Then click "Continue". Confirm payment and click "Send". (this transfers your payment to us).

Step 6:

After you've completed your credit card order, please then click here to send us confirmation of your payment.

If you require assistance please contact us. Thank you.

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Micro Membership: 500 signups
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Choose Your Membership
Micro: 500 signups $1997 USD
Midsized: 1000 signups $2897 USD
Mega: 2000 signups $3497 USD
Ultra: 3000 signups $3997 USD

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